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Workshop Technology for the Industry and Craftsmen

UNICRAFT products impress with user-friendliness, the best possible equipment and easy handling. Our long-term experience guarantees the highest level of quality and competence. UNICRAFT offers a wide range of quality products for your workshop.

UNICRAFT – Quality Products at A Reasonable Price

If you want to purchase products at a very reasonable price, then you are guaranteed to make the right decision with UNICRAFT. Thanks to intelligent and state-of-the-art design as well as the use of high-quality components, you can be certain that you will acquire a product that guarantees maximum reliability and operational safety. A price comparison among genuinely equivalent and comparable products offers you the assurance that purchasing a brand-name product by UNICRAFT gives you a product that stands comparison in terms of ease of use, features, quality, engineering and price-performance and is the right purchasing decision for you.

Our Products

Lifting tables

Mobile and stationary scissor lift tables with adjustable height for ergonomic working. Lift your workpieces in a way that is easy on your back! Our stationary and mobile lifting tables can also be optimally used as height-adjustable work tables in the version with a perforated plate.

Productimage for Lifting tables

Lift trucks

Lift trucks in light and heavy duty versions for every application. Transport pallets, cage pallets and under-ride loads effortlessly. Our range of industrial trucks includes pallet trucks, scissor pallet trucks and high-lift pallet trucks.

Productimage for Lift trucks

Transport aids

Transport rollers, sack trucks and stacking carts, trolleys, lever bars and more. With our extensive range of transport aids, you will always succeed in transporting heavy objects comfortably and effortlessly within your company.

Productimage for Transport aids


Hydraulic ram jacks, shunting jacks and undercarriage blocks - everything for the car. We offer a wide range of jacks that allow you to lift your vehicles comfortably and safely at any time. For sporty, lowered vehicles, jacks in extra flat design are also available.

Productimage for Jack

Mounting aids

Workshop presses, workshop cranes, vehicle ramps and more - powerful and reliable aids for assembly work. You want to lift an engine out of the bodywork or jack up a motorcycle? We offer you a wide range of auxiliary tools for your assembly work.

Productimage for Mounting aids


From chain hoists to machine jacks - mastering the heaviest lifting applications with little effort, while protecting your health. Our extensive range of lifting equipment enables you to hold, lift, lower and pull loads weighing several tonnes effortlessly. Find here permanent lifting magnets, universal wire rope hoists, lever hoists, electric wire rope winches and chain hoists, crane scales and steel winches.

Productimage for Hoists

Battery charging and starting devices

Battery chargers/maintainers, jump starters and jumper cables for motorcycles, cars, trucks and construction vehicles. Find here a wide range of car battery and workshop chargers for battery charging, charge maintenance and deep discharge prevention.

Productimage for Battery charging and starting devices

Power generators

Powerful generators and power generators for private use and professionals for an independent power supply at all times. Our inverter power generators are suitable for construction sites, workshops, the garden area as well as for leisure and camping activities. With our synchronous power generators, you can operate heavy-starting machines and power tools in the event of a power failure.

Productimage for Power generators

Bodywork and workshop equipment

Sandblasting cabins, paint dryers, induction heaters and more for versatile workshop applications. Whether you want to sandblast or dry paint, heat workpieces, press or clean is one of your tasks, we offer you a wide range of bodywork and workshop supplies for different applications.

Productimage for Bodywork and workshop equipment

Fans and dehumidifiers

Mobile fans, centrifugal fans, axial fans and dehumidifiers for optimum air supply and removal. Whether you want to cool, ventilate, dry or ventilate rooms, or whether the focus is on extracting hot air, welding fumes, exhaust gases or odours, our wide range of fans and dehumidifiers offers you the right device for every application.

Productimage for Fans and dehumidifiers

Workplace equipment

Best equipped workstations in the workshop with our assembly stools, chairs, rolling boards and workstation mats. Make your everyday work in the workshop easier and ensure ergonomic working at all times with our extensive range of workplace equipment.

Productimage for Workplace equipment

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We support our retail partners in terms of marketing, in-house fairs, consultation, briefing and training of employees. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive promotional documents.

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Registered retail partners can find all information, like for example the retail purchase price, product availability or technical data, independent of our business hours in the STÜRMER partner portal.


Almost 350,000 items are waiting for delivery in our logistics centre in Pettstadt. Each day, our trained employees ensure proper and rapid shipment of goods throughout Germany and Europe.

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Unicraft Bestseller

FHT 500

Scissor lift

Productimage for FHT 500

PHW 2506 L

Hand pallet trucks

Productimage for PHW 2506 L

PV 681

Car Publisher

Productimage for PV 681

RWH 2.1

Lifting jack

Productimage for RWH 2.1

KR 2500

Car access ramp

Productimage for KR 2500

PLM 301

Permanent lifting magnet ...

Productimage for PLM 301

Booster cable

Productimage for

PG-I 20 SR

Inverter power generator ...

Productimage for PG-I 20 SR


Hydraulic workshop press ...

Productimage for WPP 10 TE

MV 50

Mobile fan

Productimage for MV 50

MH 2

Mounting stool

Productimage for MH 2

8-part with perforated plate

Pressure mandrel set ...

Productimage for 8-part with perforated plate

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